Bella Couture​

Massage Services

Neck Shoulder and Back

A swedish massage technique, concentrated on the back, shoulders and neck, quickly relieves tension and improves circulation.
Half Hour$40
Hour $60

Swedish massage

Slip away into serenity as long, rhythmic strokes rejuvenate your tired muscles.A gentle and relaxing full body massage that promotes circulation, relaxes muscles, and reduces tension.
Hour $60
80 min $85

Deep Tissue/Therapeutic

This technique is for overworked muscles or chronic pain. Both a therapeutic and firm massage that focuses on a specific area to relieve tension and restore flexibility, using strokes and deep pressure,specific muscle tension is released and flexibility is restored.
Half Hour$45
Hour $70
80 mins $100

Stone Therapy

A hot stone massage employs a technique that uses smooth, heated basalt stones, which are placed on specific points of the body to melt away knots, tension and stress, Working with various heated stones while using Swedish techniques, creates an unforgettable experience that relieves pain, promotes harmony, balance and peace.
Hour $70
80 mins $100


Based on ancient Chinese teachings using pressure point massage. This foot therapy restores the flow of energy to the entire body and promotes a sense of well-being.
Half Hour$40
Hour $60

  • Massage services are by appointment only.
  • A warm shower before your treatment will help relax muscles. No need to shave.
  • Advise your therapist about any areas of concern(injuries or muscle tension)
  • Your body will be draped at all times. If you feel uncomfortable with any massage technique, please advice your therapist promptly. This is your time and you should fully delight in experience.  Whether it's the room temperature, massage pressure, or volume of music, notify the massage therapist at any time of discomfort of preference.
  • Mention any medical conditions such as high blood pressure, pregnancy, varicose veins, headaches, heart problems, edema, or any recent surgery to your therapist.
  • Advise your therapist of any rash, or cold/flu a massage will often increase discomfort.
  • Please arrive to your appointment in advance, This will allow yourself time to check in, change, and discuss your treatments/or any concerns.
  • Arriving late will limit your treatment time and therefore the effectiveness of your therapy, your treatment will end at the scheduled times in order to not inconvenience the next guest, and full price will apply.
  • Most body treatments are enjoyed without clothing.  However, please wear what is comfortable for you. You may wear undergarments if this is more comfortable for you.  Please bring a change of undergarments for body wrap therapies, as they may get wet. Your therapist will leave the room while you lie down on the table and drape yourself with a large sheet. Please keep in mind your therapist is trained to drape you discreetly and protect your privacy at all times.
  • Payment is due at the time of the service, Prices are subject to change. Please give 24 hour notice of cancellation.