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​Botox treatments are an anti-wrinkle injection used to treat wrinkles that are created by movement in the face. The brow furrow, the frown lines, worry lines, crow's feet, bunny lines, can all be treated using Botox injections. Small doses of Botox to a variety of areas of your face will create a youthful refreshed appearance in only a few minutes with little down time. Results start appearing within a week, reaching full corrections after 2 weeks. Botox results will last 3-5 months. Frequent touch-ups prolong its duration and often require fewer units per Botox treatment.Botox Cosmetic is $12 per unit.  The average units used is 25-35, varying lower or higher up to a max of 100 units per application. Botox will last approximately 4-6 months.Please feel free to call or stop by to make an appointment. Lets improve your glow by restoring your skin to is healthy youthful appearance.


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